Having a Website Does NOT Have to Be Overwhelming!!

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I know it doesn’t seem that way sometimes (or maybe all the time). After all there’s design and graphics and content and photos and links and ezines and search engines and social media and…

Well, the list goes on. So much so that getting a simple website probably seems daunting, even impossible at times.

All this can be so overwhelming.

Yet, it doesn’t have to be. It can be easy and simple to get a beautiful website for your business.  A website where editing your text is easier than using Microsoft Word. A website that people can find. And a website that can get them to say ‘yes’ to your offer.

I remove the overwhelm, clear up the confusion and simplify the complexity.

I walk you through the entire process, step-by-step, and take you from confused to confident about having and using your website. Quite literally, I help you cut through all the stuff that’s making it hard to get a good website and focus on just a few things that you can do in order to be successful. And when we’re done you’ll have a new website and know how to use it.

Watch this short video where I explain How you can have a website without being overwhelmed.

Websites Without Overwhelm Program Details:

In a nutshell, there are 3 things I do for you:

  1. Build you a new website that you can easily manage yourself
  2. Teach you a simple process you can actually use to get real, paying clients through your website
  3. Get everything else out of the way to remove the overwhelm and confusion you’re probably facing

Websites Without Overwhelm is a 12 week program based on the same principles and trainings that my one-on-one clients receive. During the 12 weeks I’ll teach you:

  • How to write copy that gets people to stay and take action on your site
  • How to build and use an email list
  • How to use social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc) to build your following
  • How to get targeted traffic to your website of visitors who want your offer
  • How to blog in a way that gets you clients
  • How to see what’s working and not working on your site
  • …and just the right amount of other things (rather than a whole bunch more)

This 12 week program is taken directly from the 3 month one-on-one program I’ve use with nearly all my clients for the past 5 years. It works great one-on-one. And after 3 test groups, it works great in a group as well.

Here’s the details:

  • You get a NEW ready-to-go website built on WordPress so you can edit your content any time you like – and blog if you want to.
  • You get a custom website design with all the bells-and-whistles you need and without anything you don’t (and trust me, there’s a lot you don’t).
  • You get 12 coaching calls, 9 in a small group of people and 3 one-on-one calls with just you and I – all recorded.
  • You get a 13th coaching call that we do a few weeks after we launch your site – giving you a chance to have me answer all your questions.
  • You get unlimited questions and answers by email and Skype chat – and I do mean unlimited.
  • You get personal WordPress training with me so you know how to edit your own content, add pages, change your links, etc. Don’t worry, it’s all really easy to use.
  • You get ongoing access to my tutorial videos which show you step-by-step, in simple language how to do anything you need to do in WordPress. And you get this access long after we’re finished.
  • You get an easy-to-do social media marketing plan that you can actually do and get results from (finally learn how to use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn).
  • You get a personalize marketing program that’s simple for you to use and covers things like email marketing and traffic generation.
  • You get to finally have a website that works and the knowledge of how to use it to get you more clients.

As you can see, getting your new website is only part of what you’re getting. I also provide you with all the advice, information and guidance you need to get more traffic, more list signups, more prospects, more sales and more clients. Can you use more of these?

Remember, offer expires Friday, May 4th at 11am pacific!

As you can see there’s a lot we cover. And…IMPORTANT…we cover it all without the jargon, the technical confusion or the ‘must do’ overwhelm that comes with the usual marketing programs.

How? Well, first, our primary goal is to build a great website. So we focus all the training and coaching toward that end giving us a focus that keeps us on track and puts everything in context. What’s more, we simply focus only on what’s needed to get you going from where you are. Nothing is covered in this program unless you really need to know it.

Want more details? Click the gray ‘+’ below:

Click here to take a look at the specific details & the weekly schedule: (click here to view program details)

Website Design

  • Website Setup – I take care of all setup of anything related to your website and hosting setup. You have to do nothing.
  • WordPress- I installation and setup of WordPress and any necessary plugins and features that your website will have. Again, you do nothing.
  • Website Design – I help you find the right layout for your website and customize it to make it 100% what you want – colors, graphics, features, etc.
  • Content – I help you decide on the pages you need for your website and what content should go on them. And while I don’t do copy writing or editing, I will give you feedback on your content to help make it better.
  • Website Navigation – I help you decide on an effective and easy-to-use navigation structure for your website.
  • Blog – I setup all the features and functions around a blog. Don’t want to blog, no problem (though you should consider it).
  • Social Media - I integrate your social network links and content with your site.
  • Metrics – I install Google Analytics to track what your visitors are doing on your website.

Business Coaching

  • 12 One Hour Phone Coaching Sessions – 9 group calls and 3 one-on-one calls – all with me (see specific below for details)
  • BONUS 13th Phone Session – Post launch of site, we’ll do a 90 minute group call to get all your post launch questions answered
  • Coaching Sessions Recorded – I’ll record each phone coaching session – including our individual ones – and send you a copy of each.
  • Unlimited Support – In between our calls, ask me all your questions by email or Skype chat and I’ll answer them – no limitations.
  • WordPress Training – I teach you how to use WordPress to manage and edit your website. There’s room to ask questions on WordPress on all calls.
  • WordPress Video Tutorials – Along with the personal training, I give you access to my video tutorial library
  • Marketing – I help you develop a clear, easy-to-do plan for marketing your business through your new website.
  • Social Media – I’ll make it clear for you how to use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc to promote your business.
  • Business Habitat – After launch, you’ll get a free 30-day premium membership to Business Habitat, my teaching and support site.
  • Clarity and Purpose – More than anything, I’ll help find clarity and purpose for your website and promoting your business online

Here’s what’s covered in each of the one hour phone coaching sessions:

  • Week 1: Why You don’t need a website (& what you actually need)
  • Week 2: How to position your services to actually get clients
  • Week 3: 1-on-1 session – How your content meets your audience
  • Week 4: The foundation of your website begins with WordPress
  • Week 5: Beyond the basics – what other features your website needs
  • Week 6: Email list building – how to do it, how to use it
  • Week 7: 1-on-1 session – Customizing your website design
  • Week 8: How to use social media to build your following
  • Week 9: How to use a blog as a publishing tool that will get you clients
  • Week 10: Bringing it all together – going from ideas to plan
  • Week 11: 1-on-1 session – Marketing with your website
  • Week 12: How to track whether your marketing works
  • Week 13: BONUS 90-minute post launch group session

3 Very Usable BONUSES:

  1. My 53-page book: 220 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website
    Here I cover numerous ways you can get more people to see your website. Usually I sell this for $97, but it’s free when you signup for this program.
  2. My video/audio program: The Numbers Behind Your Website & What They Mean
    This is a full introduction to Google Analytics – the service (free) we’ll be using to track what’s happening on your website. We don’t go through the whole thing, we only cover the 9 stats you need to know about and why. Price: $97
  3. My 1 page, nuts-and-bolts mindmap: What Your Website Really Needs to Get You Clients
    This is single page is often the backbone of what should be on a good website, how that website should function and do. I never sell this or give it away except to my one-on-one clients.

Remember, offer expires Friday, May 4 at 11am pacific!

There’s so much more we could cover, but I’m concerned that I’m already giving you too much. So let’s look at what this program costs and when we’ll begin:

  • Cost: $1650/month no … $995/month for three months
  • Start date: Week of May 15
  • Program Limited to 12 people.
  • ***Remember, you’re not only getting coaching & training…you’re getting a brand new website as well.

*** Last Chance Special Price — $875/month for the three months ***

From right now until 11am pacific on Friday, May 4th I’ll DROP AN ADDITIONAL $120 off the price. But I don’t mean $120 off the total. I mean $120 off each of the three payments – dropping them to $875/mo – a steal for a program with all this. Overall, you’re going to save $360 for going early.

Remember, offer expires Friday, May 4 at 11am pacific

Now let’s see if I can answer some of the questions you might have (click the ‘+’):

All right Dawud, at this low price, what am I not getting? (click here for the answer)

Really, you’re missing almost nothing. I say almost because while we will get a one-on-one call each month, the other three coaching calls are done in a group. So all you’re not getting is me to yourself 4 times each month. Everything else is exactly the same, including how we work on the visual look of your website.

Won't I get less coaching because I'm not getting you all to myself? (click here for the answer)

Yes, and no. Sure, you don’t get the advantage of me all to yourself for 3 months. But that option is still available if you want it.

After doing both web design and a lot of coaching, teaching and advising my clients I say much of the same things over and over again. That’s really what gave me the idea for this program in the first place. So the advantage you have is getting the same information – and being able to ask all the questions you have – for a much reduced price. Don’t worry, this works really well. And what’s more, often the group can stimulate conversation and enhance the learning in ways that a single person can’t.

Bottom line, I promise you’ll get more than enough. And, you get it in ways you can actually digest and use – which is pretty important.

Will I just get some cookie-cutter website template? (click here for the answer)

Absolutely not. Even though I’m working with a small group on the coaching pieces your website design will still be customized to your specific wants and needs just as I do for my one-on-one clients. Remember, we begin with an idea of how you want your website to look and function. Then we modify a basic look in every way we need to in order to make it look like your own, unique site. As a matter of fact, here’s some examples from past program participants (do they look the same?):

What if I don't get all the attention I need on the group calls? (click here for the answer)
Simple, of the 12 coaching calls, we’ve got 3 of them between just you and I, one-on-one. This way you have me for 3 one hour coaching sessions where you can get all your specific needs met and all your questions answered.

Not only that, but you can also email me or use Skype chat to have me answer all your questions during our 3 months. I mean all. I’m more than happy to answer all your emails questions. What’s more, sometimes I use audio or video to respond along with text in an email. Remember, my goal here is that you learn everything you can from me so I make it easy to do so.

What if I can't make some of the coaching calls? (click here for the answer)

No problem. Each coaching call will be recorded and sent to you within a day or two of the call. Miss one, simply listen to the recording. Questions come up from the call, either ask me through email, Skype chat (which is using a part of Skype where we can instant message each other) or save them for our one-on-one coaching calls. So even if you miss all the group coaching calls, you can still participate, get all your questions answered and get a website that really works for your business at a reduced rate from working with me one-on-one.

What about holidays, will we meet on holidays? (click here for the answer)

We’ll never meet on a U.S. holiday. And I’ll do my best to accommodate other national holidays as well.

We may, however, meet the week of a holiday depending on what the group as a whole decides. Remember, as a group we decide when we’re going to meet.

What if I don't like the website you design for me? (click here for the answer)

Truthfully, that shouldn’t happen. First, I don’t use templates for this program. And remember, we’re working on your website design along the way. We’ll start with looking at existing designs. We’ll then select a layout you like and modify it to your exactly look, feel, colors, layout, branding and functionality. So the only way to not like your website design would be if you told me you liked something that you didn’t during our process. If you tell me, I can fix it before we’re done.

Let’s say there is a worse case scenario: let’s say somehow our communications wasn’t clear and you didn’t like your final website. No worries, I’m happy to negotiate a fair process for redoing or redesigning your site to exactly what you want. I have to say here that even with my one-on-one clients there are limitations as to how many design options I show before there’s additional fees.

Remember, as well, that you’re also receiving a vital set of coaching sessions that will have changed how you use your website to get more clients. And two, since we’re using WordPress, you can simply find a WordPress theme you like better and use it (there’s 10′s of thousands of them). So there’s really a no-loose opportunity here.

Finally, let me say, I will never leave you in the dark with some monstrosity you hate. That’s not at all my way nor my business model. I work hard to get you the visual look and feel you want. Sometimes it comes quickly and easily. Other times there’s a little more effort. Almost never is there a ‘scrap it all and redo the whole thing’ bit that happens.

Think of me as you doing this if you had the skill and knowledge. That’s my goal – that I build for you what you envision and would do for yourself if you knew how.

Dawud, can I just want for the next time you offer this program? (click here for the answer)

Sure you can. Yet each time I’ve offered this program the price has increased. So is likely the only time you’ll get access to this complete, 3 month program at this price. So if you want in and if you want the best price, signup now.

What if I feel like I'm not ready for a new website? (click here for the answer)

I have to answer this question honestly. How long have you been saying that? How long do you want to wait? There is no real reason that if you need a website for your business you don’t start now. Too busy? there’s always time if you want to make it. Too early in your business? I’ve found there’s really no such thing – especially when you can edit your website yourself later. Don’t have enough money? I can say that this is the cheapest you’ll ever see a package like this from me. Honestly, there’s really no reason to start now. Everything that I do for you, how you and teach you can be used now or later.

What if my copy isn't ready by the time we get started? (click here for the answer)

No worries. One of the major points of this is that you can manage, edit, delete and add your own content whenever you like easily. What we can do is create the pages your content is going to on and then you can simply fill it in when it’s ready. In the meantime, we put up an ‘under construction’ page that can easily be removed when your site’s ready.

Also, we’ll be discussing copy all along the way as well. So even if you come with completed content you may find yourself rewriting some of it.

Part of what this program, as well, is to have me review and make suggestions on your content. And that may be a another way that you find yourself changing your copy a bit.

You’re at the bottom of the page, now what?

I’ve got one more short message for you so please, Click the arrow below to listen.

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Well, if you’ve made it this far, then I’ve got one more short message for you. Just click the play button to listen to how you can take the next best step for your website, your business and your online presence. People say it all the time, but I do really look forward to chatting. Email me using the form on this page or call me at 303/835-6905

Remember, offer expires Friday, May 4 at 11am pacific!!!

Oh, and in case you missed the list of bonuses – you can find them below…


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